When you use our top quality sanitation rentals and services.
Standard units (pictured), full size and half size high-rise units, holding tanks
High-end wedding units, deluxe special event units, handicap accessible units
Single and 2-station hand wash units, 4-station hand sanitizer units
Restroom Comfort Stations for Special Events
Mobile Multi-Stall Facilities Provide Events With Above Average Accommodations
Our fleet of multi-stall restroom units provide your guests with features such as:
  • fully enclosed stalls with wood doors and trim
  • flushable porcelain toilets and wall-hung porcelain urinals (with privacy screens)
  • heavy duty vinyl or simulated hardwood flooring
  • custom wall treatments in a variety of style and finishes
  • wooden base cabinets, laminated or granite countertops, porcelain covered steel lavatories
  • indirect interior lighting and double-panel skylights
  • wide steps and deep landings with handrails
  • and much more...click on each model to see for yourself!
Executive Model
Carolinian Model
Presidential Model
Liberty Model
Advantage Model
Comfort Elite Series
Comfort Elite ADA+2 Model