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Piedmont Portables processes billing on a 28 day, in advance, billing cycle. You will receive a bill for the next billing period. We do this because 28 days is four (4) even weeks. Your unit pricing includes a weekly service therefore the billing coincides with this weekly service cycle.

Yes, we do prorate for units delivered in the middle of a billing cycle but we do not prorate at the end of the billing cycle. Example: If you request a service be delivered on day 10 of our 28 day billing cycle your first invoice would include 18 days of rental and one delivery fee. If the unit is picked up on day 20 of the current billing cycle you would not receive credit for the last 8 days.

No this is not an option. Piedmont Portables is set up with one billing option for all clients, 28 days in advance. This ensures our billing cycle coincides with the weekly services included with your rental.

Yes, please click on the button included in your electronic or emailed invoice. If you need an electronic version of your invoice reach out to our customer service department.

Yes, we do charge a small delivery and pickup fee. The delivery fee is applied to all units delivered and all units picked up after completion of the rental period. We have found this small charge helps us keep our per-unit rental pricing fair and competitive.

Your unit rental price includes one service per week.

Yes, you can request additional services at any intervals you wish. There are additional fees associated with additional services. It’s always a good idea to evaluate why you require additional services as adding more units may be the better option and prevent overuse.

There are guidelines for construction sites and events. Many factors are included in determining how many units you need. Our team can help you determine what is best for your site or event.

No, all units are not the same. Our construction units are solely used in the construction industry. Our special event units are not placed on construction sites. We do offer upscale construction units that can be used for areas not prone to construction use, debris or construction material. These are typically used at sites such as home remodels, strawberry farms, Christmas tree lots and etc.

Typically the luxury comfort stations are not used on general construction sites. We do offer smaller trailers that can be rented for long-term projects requiring use by engineering firms, start-up office or administrative personnel, and the public during a construction upgrade at commercial sites. 

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