Dependable Service...
What makes our restrooms different and better?
Portable restroom units from Piedmont Portables boast features that make them stand out from the crowd while delivering great service!
Our portable restrooms offer:
  • 100% plastic construction for added durability
  • completely biodegradable chemicals (non-formaldehyde formulas)
  • people-friendly and appealing
  • larger interiors
  • pleasing textures and colors
  • angled vent screens provide air flow and keep rain out
  • single-piece urinals
  • corner shelves for customer convenience
  • emergency exterior access is built into latch
  • door handles shaped to provide for additional privacy
  • taller doors make unit entry and exit easier
  • non-slip floors provide for increased user safety
Our comfort station restroom trailers offer:
  • fully enclosed stalls with wood doors and trim
  • flushable porcelain toilets and wall-hung porcelain urinals (with privacy screens)
  • heavy duty vinyl or simulated hardwood flooring
  • custom wall treatments in a variety of style and finishes
  • wooden base cabinets, laminated or granite countertops, porcelain covered steel lavatories
  • indirect interior lighting and double-panel skylights
  • wide steps and deep landings with handrails

Our team of trained service associates, coupled with our fleet of service vehicles, allow us to deliver you and your company a 100% satisfaction guarantee with ease and efficiency.

Plus, we also provide 24 hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week emergency service. Combine those benefits and services and Piedmont Portables is the ideal partner for your restroom or portable toilet rental needs!


‘On-Demand’ delivery and service means we will make every effort to accommodate your schedule - and will have units on your site and ready to use when you need them.

Not only can we handle any size order you have...
the sky’s the limit as we can even lift our product to you!