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Comfort Elite ADA+2

Specifically Designed To Accommodate The Unique Needs Of Disabled Users
The Comfort Elite ADA series is specifically designed to accommodate the unique needs of disabled users. Comfort Elite ADA units are not just ADA accessible, but ADA compliant in all 50 states meeting or exceeding the permanent structure criteria as specified by the American Disabilities Act. That’s a big difference!

The ADA series features the same pleasant interior styling as our other Comfort Elite trailers, but with the appropriate accommodations for disabled patrons.

handicap accessible unit

Standard Features of the Comfort Elite ADA+2 Series Restrooms

  • ADA compliant facility meets or exceeds all criteria specified by American with Disabilities Act
  • Most compact ADA ramp system in the industry
  • One-touch hydraulics and totally self-contained ramp and railing
  • In addition to the ADA restroom, includes one each standard ladies and men’s units
  • Sleek, upscale appearance with seamless interior walls and ceilings
  • Each area individually climate controlled for added comfort
  • Water-saving toilets and faucets
ada floor plan

Floor Plan for the Comfort Elite ADA+2 Series

Electrical and Water Requirements

  • Power Requirement: 2 dedicated 20 amp breakers
  • Water Requirement: Standard 3/4″ FNPT fitting with minimum of 60 PSI at source, located within 50′ of unit placement
  • Features onboard fresh water tank (requires water delivery)
Before You Rent…

For an overview of site requirements and responsibilities of the rental customer and our company in regards to renting a mobile comfort station…

Click Here for a PDF Document

Combined Unit & Truck Lengths

There must be sufficient area to maneuver units into place.

Smallest Combined Truck and Unit Length: 40′
Largest Combined Truck and Unit Length: 56′

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